Limit Horizon… a film installation

Yesterday I spent a few hours photographing & videoing the film installation, Limit Horizon, before taking down the show. The footage here is very short, just a teaser, but I’ll put up more as I edit it. The Super 8 film running through the projector (Horizon) is pretty wrecked now – it was running continuously on a loop, and this is the second time it’s been shown at a stretch. The outcome was anticipated at least!



A Walk on the Reserve…

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Yesterday (Thursday 11th August) some 35 people from the area of Birr & beyond were treated to a guided walk on the Killaun Bogland Reserve, led by local man & geologist Dr. John Feehan, as part of the Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival.

It was the first time I’d been out to the Reserve since the end of March, and the transformation was remarkable! The fallen bridge has been completely repaired, and so too has the walkway itself. It is terrific to see how efficiently and carefully it has been reworked – no wood was disposed of unless it was necessary to do so – you can see from the photograph below just how carefully and concernfully done this was (the dark wood is the original walkway):

waste not, want not

Afterwards folks gathered at the gallery in the Maltings for some tea, coffee & biscuits where they were invited to engage with the works installed by Siobhán & myself, and to ask any questions about how the work came about. All round a very lovely morning!

Installing of a Sunday…

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Spent Sunday of the Bank Holiday down in The Maltings, Birr, installing Alchemical Reserve. A minor mishap with a certain super 8 projector derailed my plans of a swift installation – but relief came with the discovery of a secret button that keeps the Lamp from Lighting! Thanks to Julien of Super 8 Ireland for his analytic understanding of the equipment he sells, phew! I’ll complete the installation on Friday, just in time for the opening at 6.30pm – if anyone is down the Midlands way be sure to drop by!



Alchemical Reserve @ Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival 2011

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Alchemical Reserve is an exhibition of works by Jessica Foley & Siobhán McDonald inspired from many walks & hours spent out on the Killaun Bogland Reserve, near Birr, Co. Offaly. The works, ranging from unique ‘resin’ pieces and drawings by Siobhán McDonald, and Super 8mm projections, idiosyncratic bog walkway furniture, and an audio short story by Jessica Foley, will be installed at The Maltings, Birr, from the 5th to the 12th August.

A Guided Walk across the Bog with Dr. John Feehan

Car pooling is available from The Maltings, Thursday 11th August, at 11.30am sharp. Be sure to wear/bring rain gear with you! There will be refreshments & conversation with artist Jessica Foley about her work & relationship to the Bogland Reserve afterwards. Hope to see you!

Visit Birr Vintage Week & Arts Festival for more information.

‘826’ score written onsite in response to sounds of the reserve 15/3/11. Collaboration between Siobhan and Rachael Gilbourne

Bog pool sound piece

Alchemical Reserve – Installation images at the Joinery

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